Whether it is normal house cleaning, or you're moving out in addition to need to finished an end of contract clean up. Precious Professional House Cleaning provides you with the flexibility to choose the household cleaner you will have, at the cost which fits better for you. Each and every house cleaning program can be designed to your exclusive house or office and additionally needs. With us you can set just the services you would like. For instance, you might not call for your freezer or refrigerator to be cleaned inside on each visit so that you may rotate this requirement - keeping the cost reasonable and the service great value-for-money. We clean residences and offices throughout Bay Area and cities outside in addition to we offer many value-added services which includes:

Office Cleaning Services

A huge percentage of our own lives is spent at the workplace, regardless of what we do. When it's a major office, a restaurant, or even if you work from home, the environment we spend our time in wishes to make a significant impact on how we believe and could influence our work a good deal. We think it is crucial that you operate in a neat, orderly yet comforting office, so that you are able to make life simpler as well as enhance productivity, though only making the day more gratifying for employees. It may be challenging to sustain any sort of devotion when working at a cluttered or perhaps unclean office environment, which may take the pleasure out of any job thus permit us to take these cleaning tasks off your hands and also assist you conserve a clean working commercial environment. However large or even small your company is, Precious Professional House Cleaning Services understands how crucial it is to get a clean and neat working atmosphere. Cleanliness can be an essential element for good staff efficacy in any working environment. We are able to supply cleaners to match your company requirements, from understanding cleaning involving many cleaners each day to clean which requires only a cleaner for a few hours each week. Our professional cleaners don't cut corners however clean them.


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Moving Cleaning Services

Our one-off or maybe Moving Cleaning can be run by a team of two or more cleaners, which ever will certainly suit you best. One off cleaning resembles early spring cleaning in nature however could be customized to match your own personal requirements, for instance a customer might want to just clean a particular portion of his or her home and this may be accomplished as a part of a single off clean. This support is offered whenever you would like simply give us a call to talk about and organize this. Our End of Tenancy cleaning are done by a group of professional cleaners with all equipment and materials necessary to complete the cleaning job. We have now developed our End of Tenancy to offer you the best cleaning standard at an affordable price, we understand how important is to leave a property pristine, regardless of whether you are moving out or in a rented accommodation or you are selling your home you will take advantage of our End of Tenancy cleaning that is perfect deal if you are moving to a new home and you require it to be cleaned perfectly. We are able to do a deep pre/post-tenancy cleaning in a day, leaving your house in the finest possible condition. This service is ideal for property agents, property administration company, house owners and renters towards the end of the tenancy contract.


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House Cleaning Services

Your home is unique, that is why our cleaning solutions are singularly designed to meet your requirements. Our team of fully trained, professional employees is trained to present a high level of personal service -- also as we guarantee excellent results every time. Whether or not you are searching for a normal cleansing session, a heavy spring clean or an end of tenancy clean up, Precious Professional House Cleaning Services gives you some first-class, dependable and entirely flexible support. And when you're seeking for one-off deep cleaning of your refrigerator, an urgent situation cleaning after a special event or a last-minute clean prior to the in-laws come to stay -- then we're also right here to help out! We make an attempt to maintain the greatest standards always. If for any reason you happen to be not pleased with any specific aspect of our service, please contact us within a couple working days. We will listen to the circumstance and sort it all out. And that is a promise. We can readily give a service to incorporate the changing of bed linen, a clean of your inside windows, an ironing service with all garments ironed and also brought back to their distinct wardrobes once ironed and much more. It is for you to settle on what exactly you want. Our pleasant staff will follow your directions and manage it to you.

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